Simple Pleasures #1

I’m currently reading “A Year Lived Simply”. Something that’s stood out to me in this book, even though I’m only about a third of the way through, is how she shares things in her life that are simple pleasures. I really enjoy reading her description of the things in life that bring her joy because this is something that I feel I’d like to focus on. With my recent expression of wanting to live life more mindfully, I think this is something that I’d like to adapt for a while.

Lying in bed on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea

There’s something special about Sunday Mornings. It’s stillness is possibly the most valuable part of the week for many. This weekend, I found myself lying in bed, with the morning sun shining in on top of me, with the windows open and a cup of tea in hand. The world is quieter on a Sunday. I sat listening to the gentle song of the wrens outside, and cherishing the silence before the rest of the world woke up.

Being in bed with a cup of tea has an element of luxury about it. It is one of the most mindful experiences that I engage in. Perhaps it’s because the experience is in such a contrast to the rest of the week; full of hustle and bustle and busyness, prepping online classes and just trying to keep up with the pace of online teaching.

Back in a previous, non-pregnant life, I used to make a point of getting up in the morning to watch the sun rise. I’d get up at 5.30am (which, I might add is apparently an obscene time to be getting up at over here in Ireland) and I’d go for an early morning walk, ensuring that by the time I was making my way back home, the sun would be rising before my eyes. The sky during a sunrise is spectacular. I used to love the way that I felt so alone in the world. There was no loneliness involved, simply a realisation that this is a friendly and most beautiful universe. I think being in bed on a Sunday morning and listening to the stillness of the morning outside evokes these same feelings within me. Perhaps, when the baby comes and I can move more freely, I’ll get back to my morning walks and relish in the beauty that can be found at dawn in a quiet urban landscape.

C x

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