The Sunday Currently | Vol. 4

Reading: I’m still dipping into Anseo. Finished Lagom and have started Ten Times Happier by Owen O’ Kane on Audible.

Listening: To my new Audiobook! I’m also still very much addicted to folklore by Taylor Swift.

Watching: Greys & Gilmore Girls. I went back to work this week so I’ve also been watching lots of Covid Training Videos! Its going to be an interesting year ahead to say the least!

Smelling: I’ve bought some absolutely gorgeous candles and diffusers from Rituals! Jing fragrance sticks for the bedroom to enhance sleep – and god is this a relaxing fragrance! Also Rituals of the Happy Buddha fragrance sticks and candle which is a really lovely addition to my morning meditation and yoga routines! If you’ve never used Rituals products, I absolutely live for them! We recently got a Rituals shop in Mahon Point Shopping Centre and I’ve easily dropped over €200 in there in the last two weeks! Worth every cent!

Loving: That Friday Feeling! This is the only thing about going back to work that I really love! Being off for the Summer is great, but getting back that Friday Feeling is amazing, year after year!

Working On: Spare rooms! Still! I’m also working very hard on positive mental health and routines to promote dealing with stress. I’ll do a post on this separately another time – but minding myself feels like it is the most important thing I’ll do in the year ahead. It’s going to be a tough year in work and I’m quite nervous about it. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night both nights of this weekend and my heart was racing and I was panicking about work. I want to do whatever it takes for this to stop! I need to make this a priority for myself so that I’ll survive the chaos of whats ahead.

C x

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