The Sunday Currently | Vol. 3

Reading: I’m still reading Anseo by Úna-Minh Kavanagh. I’ve also been reading Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life by Niki Brantmark. I got this book as a gift from a friend a good while ago and never finished it. I do believe that you can only read some books when you are ready for them and I think I’m definitely at a point where I want a more balanced life. It’s been work driven for so long, that I really would like to have a calmer, more peaceful day to day life.

Listening: This week I’ve had folklore by Taylor Swift on repeat. I absolutely love her new album. It’s so whimsical and reflective and really shows a genuine maturation of character. I’ve dipped in and out of a fondness for Taylor Swift over the years, enjoying her music but disliking the amount of drama that surrounded her (just FYI, I’m not a fan of drama… I think life is difficult enough without having to get ourselves involved in needless petty dramaand this is not a judgement on TS, but a general life viewpoint!)

Watching: We’ve been watching more of Grey’s, and I’ve started watching The Gilmore Girls because I’ve never seen it and people keep telling me I’d love it! I think it’s a bit of a slow burn but I do love the relationship between Rory and her mom… and I also love how she’s so much of a bookworm!

Smelling: Disinfectant! We’ve been working hard to get our classrooms ready for school again. We’re back to work next week!

Loving: I’m loving the perspective I’ve gained over the last few months. I’m loving how I’ve learned that I need to prioritize my mental health, my well-being, and my health. I’m loving that myself and Himself and planning our next moves.

Working on: Our spare rooms! An Ikea delivery came during the week and it means we get to organise one of the spare rooms! We got a bookshelf and a desk for the spare room – I wasn’t expecting for the schools to open up in September so bought lots of furniture to make a bit of an office in one of our spare rooms. I’m guessing the schools won’t stay open for long due to the shambles of a ‘plan’ the government has provided us so hopefully they’ll come in handy.

C x

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