The Sunday Currently | Vol. 2

Reading: This week I finished reading Educated by Tara Westover and I loved it! I got so caught up in it that I stayed up til 3am reading it, and woke early to keep going with it (which resulted in me almost running late for meeting a friend… oops!)

I’ve moved onto yet another memoir, which is unusual for me, but this one is closer to home; Anseo by Úna-Minh Kavanagh.

Listening: This week I started listening to the podcast series called The Teacher’s Pet. It follows a case of a missing woman who disappeared mysteriously one day, leaving her two children and husband behind. However, in the day or two after her disappearance, her husband moved in his high school student lover. The reporter in this podcast is suspicious, as are most people, of her adulterous husband. Did he, didn’t he?! I’m hooked!

Watching: Myself and Himself have been watching The Umbrella Academy. I’ve seen the first series and was really looking forward to series 2 but He hadn’t seen S1! It’s good to rewatch it as my memory of the season is a bit rusty.

Smelling: Sea air, camp fires, and bbqs!

Sun setting on a secluded beach at Fanad Head, Donegal

Loving: Exploring new places, using my camera more, and having some quality time with Himself! I’m loving stargazing on beaches, falling asleep to the sound of the waves, and waking up for early morning walks on the sand. This trip has been so amazing so far!

Working On: My camera skills! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve used my camera and I’m feeling a bit rusty!

C x