Road Trip

Today, myself and Himself are hitting the road and doing a staycation road trip around Ireland! We’ve booked a cabin for our first night as we’re driving from the south of the country to the north, but after this we will be camping as we head southwards on the Wild Atlantic Way.

We got up and started our trip at 6am. After a week of stunning weather, our trip started on a day where there’s a yellow weather warning, with thunder and lightning forecast. In a sense, I’m glad of a ‘break in the weather’ as we say here in Ireland. Had we been camping in the height of the sunny weather we’ve been experiencing, we would surely have been far too warm in our little tent!

The Wild Atlantic Way is essentially the west coast of Ireland. It is a drive that takes in the rich and rugged coastline of our beautiful country. I’ve done this drive before with friends, working from south to north. It was a fantastic trip, but by the time we got to Donegal we were exhausted and, even though I remember it was beautiful, I don’t remember it as well as I remember the south! Himself has never been to the coast up towards the Northern route so we’ve decided to start there this time around!

Our map!

I’m really looking forward to chilling out on this trip. I’m back to work next week to get my classrooms Covid-ready and after months of being at home, the staycation is a welcome break. I’ve brought my DSLR camera along and am looking forward to trying to take some pretty photos. I bought my camera for my 30th birthday and I’ve only dabbled here and there with photography but it’s something I have a very keen interest in. I’m hoping to develop this hobby much more going forward and use it as a mindful pastime that will help me disconnect from the stresses of work.

I look forward to writing about it and sharing some photos here soon!